Annul Maintenance Contracts

We at Manoj Fire have a legacy of providing a prompt service at a cost effective rates to Industrial and Commercial establishments spanning for nearly 3 decades in Maharashtra. We undertake AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for every system related to Fire Fighting. It is a full-fledged team that takes the burden of managing all your Fire Detection & Protection Systems, and Fire Alarm Systems off your shoulders. Through this maintenance service, we can maintain the smooth & error free functionality of the systems.

Our well qualified & trained engineers with vast years of experience will be deployed at your facility to monitor, maintain and manage your systems, which reduces the burden of your manpower resources and ensures more efficient systems management. System Breakdown or bad performance of any components can be identified and resolved proactively, which in turn enables to respond faster and more efficiently to emergencies and minimize losses to people and property.

Comprehensive AMC:

The services includes the periodic PMS (Preventive Maintenance Services) which ensures the safe functioning of all the systems installed. Also it covers the replacement of Spare parts against manufacturing defects except the consumables

Non-comprehensive AMC:

The services includes the periodic PMS (Preventive Maintenance Services) which ensures the safe functioning of all the systems installed. However the spare parts and consumables are charged at prevailing prices

Few Highlights:

  • Extended life of your equipment due to Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Compliance with local Fire Safety and Insurance requirements
  • Reduced risks of failure of equipment when the need arises
  • Fire Alarm & Detection System
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Sprinkler System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Passive Fire Protection System
  • Fire Fighting Training & Mock Drills
In House Design

In-house System Designers as per:

  • NBC (National Building Code)
  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency)
  • TAC (Tariff Advisory Committee)
  • FM (Factory Mutual)
  • Well-developed and expertise team
  • Core discipline to any fire fighting system design
  • Understanding the customer expectations and adhering to the statutory norms


We provide Fire Fighting Training and Mock drills at your site for Fire & Safety awareness.
Our Mock Drills include :

First Aid Training         |         Fire Evacuation Procedure         |         Basic Fire Fighting Training

Health and Safety Awareness Training

The Occupational Health and Safety Awareness (OHSA) and Training regulation requires health and safety awareness training for every worker and supervisors.

This training introduces workers to the OSHA. It focuses on the health and safety rights and responsibilities of workers, supervisors and employers. It also serves as a general introduction to workplace health and safety.

Workers can use this free training program as one way to meet the minimum training required by the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training regulation.

Everyone in the workplace, from the employer to the newest worker, has different but important duties to keep the workplace safe. Because employers have the most authority in the workplace, they have the greatest responsibility but it’s important for your own safety that you understand everyone’s health and safety duties, including yours.

Preventing injuries and illnesses at work – starts here, with the things you learn in this workbook, but it doesn’t end here. One of your employer’s duties under the OHSA is to give you specific information and instructions about how to stay safe on your job. What you learn from this program will help you start to understand those instructions. We hope you will use what you learn here every day of your working life.

Fire Drills / Evacuation Procedures

Fire drills is often required for ensuring the safety of the Staffs, Residents and Clientele that enter your business, building or property.

Practicing scheduled fire drills will help ensure individuals have the knowledge to safety escape a fire without injuring themselves or others. Fire drills are conducted by the person that is responsible for the building. It is also required that fire drills are held at intervals no greater than every 12 months (once a year), with the following exceptions.

Pre-Fire Drill Procedures

To be conducted by supervisory staff or maintenance personnel.

1.Contact the fire alarm monitoring company and advise them of the upcoming fire drill.

2.Ensure to supply the monitoring company with the estimated timeline to conduct the fire drill.

3.Record the time from the activation of the fire alarm to the evacuation of all staff, students and clientele.

During the Fire Drill

Supervisory staff are to monitor the evacuation process and note any of the following:

  • Are individuals closing the doors upon exiting rooms?
  • Are individuals remaining calm and proceeding towards the nearest exit?
  • Are individuals assembling at the designated muster point?
  • Are fire wardens (if applicable) ensuring the safe evacuation of all individuals?
  • Are all individuals being accounted for (if applicable)?
  • Are exits guarded to prevent re-entry into the building?
Fire Safety Plan

The National Fire Agency have made it mandatory to have a Fire Safety Plan in all Building/Industry. The implementation of a Fire Safety Plan helps to ensure effective utilization of life safety features in a building to protect people from fire. The required Fire Safety Plan should be designed to suite the resources of each individual building or complex of buildings.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the information contained within the Fire Safety Plan is accurate and complete.

Fire Prevention services
  • Safety Codes Inspections.
  • Fire Investigations.
  • Public Awareness and Education.
  • Building Codes Plans Review.
  • Fire Safety Training.
  • Wild land Urban Interface Planning.



Fire Audit is one of the essential requirement, required to determine a long lasting and smooth functionality of your Fire fighting System and its components. A deep study of your risk area and the design under which the system is installed is taken into consideration for conducting a fire audit.

A Fire Audit ensures that the fire fighting system will function systematically in case of fire and it is very much essential fire system installed is very old. Also before going for a AMC its better to do a Fire Audit to know the health of your Fire Fighting System.

For a Fire Audit a Fire Professional will visit your premises and undertake a fire safety audit. The audit is an examination of the premises and relevant documents to ascertain how the premises are being managed regarding fire safety. The in-charge officer may also wish to talk to members of staff to confirm their level of fire safety alertness.

The emphasis is on the responsible person demonstrating they have met the duties required by the fire safety order. For this reason we may ask to see the following documents as evidence.

  • Preventative and protective measures regarding fire
  • Emergency plans for the premises (what to do in the event of a fire)
  • Action plans related to any significant findings of the fire risk assessment
  • Fire safety maintenance checklist (what is checked, by who, and when)
  • Fire drills and staff fire training records (who, when, & what training)
  • Staff information on fire safety and dangerous substances.

Audits are conducted as per statutory requirement by Fire authority to analyse any improvement and rectify grey areas in the installed system.

Sectors Covered :

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Government

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